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welcome to wolfgang-langer.com. sounds not like an english name ? right, it’s more like a name for a guy living in austria…. you know .. this fancy place with mountains and cows on it. this site is dedicated to random things i do and some little tutorials in coding…

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fixing error highlighting and autocomplete in eclipse remote system explorer

remote system explorer in eclipse is a fine and handy plugin wich allowes you to view/edit server side files providing ssh and much more,.. also terminal/ssh sessions are possibile within eclipse… the only problem i had was, that when switching to remote system explorer perspective eclipse does not activate error highlighting and autocomplete in php code… with this little fix you can get it working again…..

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problems with eclipse and ssh private key authentication ?

eclipse_sshwell i was playing around with eclpise and its remote system explorer. i just wanted to connect to my server with ssh private key authentication (no password) but eclipse always keeps asking for a password.. so if this happens to you, you also might have an incompatible private key… and here’s the solution..

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samsung galaxy note battery charger mod for note 2 & 3



well i am an owner of a samsung galaxy note 2 and a friend of mine has the note 3 and bought one of this really nice battery chargers (EP-B800CEWE).. unfortunatley there is nothing like this for the note 2 and the battery from the note 2 is not compatible with the charger,.. it has the same specs, but not the same size,… problem ? not for me !, this mod will show you how to modify the charger to work with BOTH batteries (note 2 & note 3).

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[vuGen script]: outlook exchange

this is an example how microsoft outlook can be scripted with hp vugen. i used mapi script with a local configured outlook account on the bpm. it is possible to use several accounts and scripts on one bpm machine without interferences between the accounts.

this script will:

  • create a log file
  • logon to exchange server via mapi and a configured outlook account
  • compose a mail with a unique subject
  • send the mail to a given receiver (the receiver should have a policy to send the mail back, alternatively you can define a mail route to check more than 1 path)
  • check inbox for mail with the defined subject

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sea gulls in croatia

we went on a short trip to croatia this year, and like the last years we also went on one of this “dolphon boat trips” where you can see everything except of dolphins ;-). This time i cought some sea gulls wich were following us

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spicy colors & floating boat

this spicy pic was shot in croatia during a short vacation,.. they are as yummy as they look like.

croatia has a very good water quality, in some bays it looks like the boats are flying because of the clear water

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viola liqueur

i went to the best cocktail bar in vienna called “barflys” with my pals. there you can enjoy hundreds of different cocktails… one thing that really amazed us was the viola liqueur… smells like parfume with an incredible taste. this one was shot with an iphone,.. not bad at all..

viola liqueur

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king size moth

i saw this fella here tonight,.. first i thought a bat was flying at my house because this thing was too big for a normal insect,. well a look after and i discovered, that this was the biggest moth i ever saw,.. (aprox. 10cm wide)

king size moth

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