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“my code doesn’t work and i don’t know why….. my code works and i don’t know why”

fixing error highlighting and autocomplete in eclipse remote system explorer

remote system explorer in eclipse is a fine and handy plugin wich allowes you to view/edit server side files providing ssh and much¬†more,.. also terminal/ssh sessions are possibile within eclipse… the only problem i had was, that when switching to remote system explorer perspective eclipse does not activate error highlighting and autocomplete in php code… with this little fix you can get it working again…..


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problems with eclipse and ssh private key authentication ?

eclipse_sshwell i was playing around with eclpise and its remote system explorer. i just wanted to connect to my server with ssh private key authentication (no password) but eclipse always keeps asking for a password.. so if this happens to you, you also might have an incompatible private key… and here’s the solution..


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[vuGen script]: outlook exchange

this is an example how microsoft outlook can be scripted with hp vugen. i used mapi script with a local configured outlook account on the bpm. it is possible to use several accounts and scripts on one bpm machine without interferences between the accounts.

this script will:

  • create a log file
  • logon to exchange server via mapi and a configured outlook account
  • compose a mail with a unique subject
  • send the mail to a given receiver (the receiver should have a policy to send the mail back, alternatively you can define a mail route to check more than 1 path)
  • check inbox for mail with the defined subject


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