Commodore SX64 Keyboard Repair


this article is dedicated to all the lucky ones wich own a commodore SX64. but most of them may have the problem, that after some time the keyboard isnt’t responding anymore (all or some keys). In this case, the keyboard needs some cleaning. here i would like to describe you how to do this…

first of all you have to disassembly the keyboard housing. there are 4 clips on the bottom side of the keyboard which have to be gently pressed (with a flat screwdriver for example). remember, this is real old plastic, so avoid breaking this.



 head on with all the screws besides the space bar. After this, lift up the keyboard and take care of the 2 screws for the connector


after this you can pop out the keybard. turn it over and start popping out every single key. this is done by pressing the clips of the keys gently (every key has 2 of them, except the space-bar witch has 4)





now you have to take away a little metal bar which fixes the connector of the black foil. In my case there was another problem -> the connector was stuck to the board and therefore slightly damaged while i took the foil off the board… but no problem, this can be fixed as described later.






next take some ear-tips and alcohol or better a window cleaning spray and start cleaning all of the metal contacts on the green board. also the connector contacts should be cleaned. 

Next turn over the foil to see the black dots. clean them all. Please do this gently to avoid damage to the foil and the contacts. 

next i took some graphite spray to rebuild the connector on the foil by simply applying some of the graphite to the contacts (this is the same material like the original contacts or the spots on the foil)





now put everything togehter in reverse order like described above and test the results,.. mine was working fine ! good luck !!!




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14 Responses to Commodore SX64 Keyboard Repair

  1. TurtleWax says:

    Interesting… The SX-64 keyboard looks like it uses the exact same technology as much more modern keyboards and the repair is essentially the same. Clean, rebuild graphite conductor pads with graphite spray (spray some on an old CD, daub it up with a cotton swab applicator, apply to areas with thin or missing pads),clean foil/metal switch contacts, reassemble). Good tutorial.
    Applies to almost all keyboards.

  2. Chris Esch says:

    Thanks for the Information! I just used it to take apart my SX-64 keyboard and clean it!

  3. Iasos says:

    I carefully studied your notes on how to clean the SX-64 keyboard.
    I realized that I am not sufficiently a “techie” to do this properly.
    Any chance I could pay you to clean my SX-64 keyboard,
    if I cover shipping cost both ways and pay you in advance?
    Thanks much, Iasos

  4. MVL says:

    I just followed the tutorial and cleaned and repaired my sx64 keyboard.My keyboard is like new ! Before I couldn\’t work with my sx64 because most keys did not respond, and now every key is working again.Thanks !

  5. Rich says:

    I’ve owned my SX-64 for over 27 years. At the time it’s main use was to keep the family entertained, especially on vacations (which were drive-able distances).

    With the external monitor cable we could hook it up to a VCR and use a TV as a monitor. My kids who are now in their mid to late 30’s enjoyed playing everything from Barbie to Summer/Winter Games.

    Although it sat in to closet for past 15 years, It booted up today without issue. Thanks to this post I was able to clean the keyboard and it works as good as the day I bought it….

    Thank you so much….

    By the way, my kids are now fighting over it to see who take take it home (I still have most of the games they played…)

    • admin says:

      HI Rich ! Glad to hear that.. so parenting is done right here when our childs play on commodore machinse ;-) Have a nice day !

  6. Is there a closer photo of the keyboard PCB? It reads something like “KCD-A48YU”, but the two digits are too fuzzy to read clearly.

    “KCT” is most unexpected, as that causes the designation to clash with that of the KCT series switches used in the Amiga 1000 keyboard. KAx, KCx, KDx and KLx are used by their mechanical switches.

  7. Adam H says:

    Thanks for the in-depth tutorial. I’ve pulled my keyboard apart many times but never bothered to do a complete tear-down and proper clean. UNTIL TODAY!

    Thanks to your help, I now have a fully functioning keyboard for the first time in 5 years.
    To anyone considering doing this who was lazy (like me) and puts it off – Just DO IT.
    Took about 30 minutes in total and now I can write my little programs without having to constantly edit and re-type stuff.

    If I can add a suggestion – be VERY careful when removing the graphite ‘foil’ and take your time with the cleaning and drying.

    Thanks again!

  8. I will try it as i have two sx64 .thank you.My Name Tony.

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