problems with eclipse and ssh private key authentication ?

eclipse_sshwell i was playing around with eclpise and its remote system explorer. i just wanted to connect to my server with ssh private key authentication (no password) but eclipse always keeps asking for a password.. so if this happens to you, you also might have an incompatible private key… and here’s the solution..

the problem with eclipse is, that your private key might not be compatible with eclipse,. therefore you have to save it in openssh format which will work with eclipse. to do this take your private key and puttygen key generator (just google for it, its free)

  • start puttygen and load your private key (e.g. *.ppk)
  • click on “conversion -> export openssh key”
  • save it to the directory of your choice
  • open eclipes
  • goto window / preferences / general / network connections / ssh2
  • in the “general” tab just point ssh2 to the directory, where your key(s) are stored
  • under “private keys” enter the name of your private key (the one you exported with puttygen”
  • just save everything
  • setup a new connection in the remote system explorer perspective
  • be happy !!
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