samsung galaxy note battery charger mod for note 2 & 3



well i am an owner of a samsung galaxy note 2 and a friend of mine has the note 3 and bought one of this really nice battery chargers (EP-B800CEWE).. unfortunatley there is nothing like this for the note 2 and the battery from the note 2 is not compatible with the charger,.. it has the same specs, but not the same size,… problem ? not for me !, this mod will show you how to modify the charger to work with BOTH batteries (note 2 & note 3).

first of all lets take a look at the two batteries,.. the left one is from the note 3, the right one from note 2



as seen, the note 3 battery is slightly taller, but not as wide as the battery from note 2 but the contact pins of the battery are located at the exact same position measured from the upper left corner. so the only problem is that the chargers pit is not as wide as the note 2 battery’s width…




therefore i took out my dremel tool and cut the left edge of the carger. i decided to cut only the length of the note 2 battery out so that the little piece of the original edge at the bottom right corner will hold the note 2 battery in its place. also the upper right corner needs some modification as seen in the next picture






 this whole process only takes some minutes and is really easy to do. after finishing this, the note 2 battery fits into the charger, the little edge on the lower right corner holds the battery in place and everything is working fine. the note 3 battery also fits as it does before.















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